Sex With My Naughty Niece

Jenny is my sister's 20 year old niece. She is absolutely
sexy in a modern trashy kind of way. I
had not seen her until today. I just
retired from the US Air Force. And
really had nowhere else to go since I
was single. Twenty years of long
remote tours had cost me four
marriages. I am 38 years old and
alone. My sister invited me to come
live with her and Jen since she too
was "in between marriages".
When Jenny opened the door, I nearly
dropped my teeth. She is the twin of
my sis from twenty years ago. 5 foot 4
inches tall, 110 lbs. Slender athletic
body that is tanned golden brown.
Perky little 34C cone shaped titties. I
knew what was inside her skin tight
halter, I've seen my sisters nipples
and Jenny,s poked through her top
the same way. She was wearing very
short and very tight cut off jeans. She
kissed me on the cheek "Uncle Jake,
so nice to meet you" she greeted me.
I have to admit my sis was still looking
pretty hot too for a woman soon to
be forty. Still petite, same shoulder
length light brown hair and golden
brown skin, same perky 34C titties. We
had a "fling" the last year we lived at
home. She had caught me
masturbating while I was peeking at
her in the shower and told me if I
didn't fuck her, she would tell mom.
After that we could hardly stay away
from each other. Then her boy friend
knocked her up and she married and
moved away. I joined the military
soon after that.
"You look great sis" I kissed her on
the cheek. "You look fantastic" she
replied. "All those years in the military
made you a hunk" she added. "He's
not bad for an old man" Jenny
taunted from the hallway. "Your little
girl is...Wow" I whispered. "She said
the same about you as you walked up
the drive" Tara whispered back. I
started to wonder what I had gotten
myself into. Living here with these two
sexy women was going to be a
challenge. I was already having
difficulty trying not to remember how
hot my sister looked when she was
naked in my bed.
Tara showed me to my room. It had
been the den, put they cleared it out
for me to use as a small bedroom. It
was at the end of the upstairs. Next to
the bathroom and across from
Jenny's room. As I unpacked my duffel
bags, I could hear new wave music
from her room. As I closed my door, I
could see her through the crack in her
door. She had left it open about 3
inches. She was removing her halter
top. For a brief moment I was looking
at her beautiful young titties. "Wow,
she's pretty" I whispered to myself. I
could feel a swelling between my legs.
I quietly closed my door.
At dinner, she busted me. "Mom told
me that you used to peek at her when
you were younger" she teased.
" I guess I did". I
stuttered. "Just like you peeked at me
this afternoon?" She taunted.
"I'm...I'm... sorry..I was...just ...closing
my door" I tried to play it off. "Did you
like what you saw Jake?" she giggled.
"OK, That's enough" Tara jumped in
to rescue me. "Maybe you should
close your door next time" she
Jenny smiled and winked. "I'll just
leave it wide open from now on since
I have someone admiring me" she
giggled. I hate to admit that my cock
swelled when she winked at me. A
few moments later, I felt her hand in
my lap. As she felt my rock hard dick
Tara got up to go to the sink. "I have
some where you could bury this
bone" she whispered in my ear.
"Can you give me a hand with these
dishes Jake" Tara called from the sink.
" will be a minute...need to
use the restroom" I stammered. Jenny
giggled as she let go of my pounding
rod. I pulled my t-shirt out so it would
hang down and cover my boner as I
scurried to the restroom. "I'm going to
like him..I think" Jenny informed Tara.
When I returned to the kitchen, I had
changed. I was now wearing loose
sweat pants and an over sized
baseball t-shirt that would cover any
more possible erectile flash ups. As I
stood at the sink washing dishes, Tara
said.."Just like when we were kids
Jake.. doing the dinner dishes
together" She looked up at me and
smiled. I also saw a look that I would
say was either love or very fond
"Remember when we made love Jake"
she whispered. (The first time we
fucked... it was just that.. we fucked
our brains out.) But the second time..
we made love. We kissed and fondled
and groped. We touched every inch of
one another. We made love for hours.
"Yes, Tara, I remember every second
of every time we made love" I replied.
She moved behind me and wrapped
her arms around me, sliding her
hands up inside my shirt. "I have
thought about us many times in the
years since then". She whispered. Her
hands trembled as she fondled my
chest and pinched my nipples. I
shuddered as she kept twisting and
pinching my nipples. "You still like that
baby brother" she giggled. "OOH yes"
I whispered "OOH yes". My dick was
granite hard already.
"I want to make love to you again
Jake" she mumbled softly "But we'll
have to wait a couple of days...It's that
time of month" Her hand slid down
into my sweat pants and she found
my rigid tool. "You want me too" she
chuckled "OOH yes, ooh yes" I
stammered as she began to stroke my
hard-on. She turned me around and
yanked my sweats to my knees. As
she engulfed my twitching prick with
her warm wet mouth, I saw Jenny
standing in the door way watching
her mom suck her uncle off. She
smiled broadly and opened her shirt
to show me her tits. Her other hand
was in her shorts.. she was
masturbating as she watched us.
I put both hands on Tara,s head and
slowly humped in and out of her
drooling mouth as I watched Jenny
jerking off. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes" I
moaned. My eyes glued on Jenny and
her eyes locked on me. When I saw
Jenny shudder into her orgasm, I
exploded into Tara's mouth, OH YES,
OH YES, OH YES" I shouted with each
blast. My sister expertly sucked and
swallowed every drop. "That should
hold you over" she chuckled as she
wiped a few cum drops from her
chin. I pulled her to her feet and
kissed her passionately. "I missed you
too" I laughed. I saw Jenny slip quietly
We spent the evening watching videos
that we rented. We sat on the couch
with me between the both of them.
We had ice cream and pop corn. We
laughed and giggled and just had a
really nice evening together. It was
difficult to not stare at their gorgeous
petite bodies. They were both wearing
shear tops that displayed their perky
titties and I found myself glancing
back and forth at both sets way too
often. They were also both wearing
very loose gym type shorts that allow
a good look up inside whenever they
moved their legs around. I was happy
I had the over sized shirt to cover my
raging meat stick.
As Tara bent over to change movies,
her shorts allowed me to see her
lovely tight ass. Jenny reached into my
pants and grasped my bouncing
pecker. "I"m going to fuck you tonight,
Jake" she whispered into my ear as
she nibbled on the lobe. She let go
and giggled. Tara returned and her
hand found my cock as the movie
started "You are the same Jake I
remember" she chuckled. "Always
hard...always ready".
They continued to take turns "secretly"
fondling me. Keeping me in a
constant state of hard arousal the
entire evening. My dick was oozing pre
cum and the wet spot just got bigger
and bigger. About midnight, Tara
announced she was going to bed.
"See you in the morning" she
whispered as she kissed me on the
cheek. As she made her way through
the kitchen to her bedroom, Jenny
whispered "I'll be waiting upstairs
uncle Jake"
When I got to my room she was
waiting for me. She had candles lit on
the night stands on either side of the
bed. She was wearing a transparent
white chiffon robe. Her beautiful tan
titties showcased through the white
fabric. She was sitting in the middle of
the bed. As I closed the door, she
untied the belt on her robe and it fell
to the bed. "My god you are so sexy" I
whispered. "Strip for me" she
demanded. "I want to see you naked"
When she saw me without my shirt
for the first time, she gasped. "Wow
uncle Jake, you are so muscular...and
tattoos" She scooted closer to inspect
each of the 3 tattoos I have on each
arm. "Wow, that's great work" she
mused. Then she saw the 4 inch
round scar tissue on my left shoulder,
just under the clavicle. "Oh Jake, what
happened" she whispered as she
touched the scar gently. "Bullet I
caught in Desert Storm" I replied. She
kissed the scar. "Wow" she trembled
as she kissed it again. "You could have
been killed" She moved up and kissed
me passionately and hungrily.
I stood up and removed my sweat
pants "OOH MY" she crooned. "Mom
said it was 9 inches, but she never
said how big around it is" "Three and
a half inches" I chuckled. "Still want to
fuck me baby" I teased. "Oh my god
yes" she cooed "Oh hell yes" She
crawled to me on her knees and took
my cock into her mouth as I stood
next to the bed. It was thrilling to have
my sisters daughter licking and
slobbering all over my engorged dick.
"OOH yes baby" I growled "Suck me".
I reached down and fondled her
perky cone shape tits. "I love the
white strip on your tits from you
bikini" I said as I twisted one of her
nipples. Her body shuddered. "OOH
yes" she mumbled with my dick in her
mouth. I shoved her back onto the
bed and dove between her legs. "Oh
yes, oh yes, oh yes" she ranted as I
lapped at her pussy and slid my
fingers in and out of her drenched
box. As she began to vibrate into a
climax I mounted her. I shoved my
cock in until she was impaled by all 9
As she thrashed and writhed beneath
me, with her first orgasm, I pounded
into her savagely, thrusting as deeply
as possible with every stroke. "OH
YES, OH YES,OH YES" she was
sobbing with each wave. I fucked her
like this for another five minutes until
she was spent like a rag doll beneath
me. I pulled my dick out and stroked
til it was time to unload. Then I
scooted up and ejaculated all over her
tits and in her face. Four huge blasts
of my hot white sticky cream sprayed
all over her. She just laid there and
panted. "Yes baby" I grinned "That's
how uncle Jake fucks" She laid there
and trembled for a long time.
"No one has ever fucked me like
THAT" she whispered when she finally
caught her breath. "Wow, that was
fucking great" she added. "Glad you
liked it Jenny" I answered. It was really
good for me too" I smiled. "I have
never had that much cock inside me
before" she crooned "It felt so fucking
good Jake, I want more" I
laughed.."Give me ten minutes and I
will be ready for round two."
As we rested, we cuddled and petted
each other. Touching and
experiencing every inch of each
others bodies. We kissed passionately
and we kissed and nibbled on nipples
and necks. I slid my hand between
her legs and could feel my load of
cum oozing out of her. "OOH yes,
Jake" she moaned as I slid my fingers
in and out of her gushing box. She
fondled my prick until it was fully
"My turn to fuck you" she giggled. She
got on her knees and straddled my
raging dick. She guided my cock into
her dripping cunt and slowly lowered
herself on until I was completely
buried. "I love how your cock fills me
up" she moaned in a very low and
husky voice. As she slowly rocked back
and forth on my granite prick, she
moaned over and over "This is so
good, this is so good"
The feeling of my juices running out of
her as she slow fucked me was
exquisite. Her young tight cunt milking
my cock. I could feel every inch of her
hot slippery vagina riding up and
down my throbbing rod. "Fuck me
baby, fuck me" I groaned. I lifted my
head and began to suck on her perky
cone shaped titties" Oh yes daddy, oh
yes" she moaned. My dick swelled
even harder when she called me
daddy. Such a nasty taboo thought, I
fucking loved it. Even as hot as fucking
my own sister.
As her breathing began to get faster
and more labored. I started biting on
one nipple as I twisted the other. "Oh
yes daddy, yes daddy, oh yes" she
stammered. She was pounding up
and down now. "FUCK ME, FUCK ME
DADDY, FUCK ME" she yelled
frantically "Fill me up daddy" As her
body began to quiver, I bit hard on
the nipple and twisted the other. "OH
screamed. Her pussy exploded into
OOH YESSSSSS" she screamed. My
cock erupted. The whole daddy thing
aroused me so much I blew the
biggest load in my whole life. Six huge
wads of my thick gooey sperm gushed
into her hot tight vagina and filled her
up. "Oh my god yessssss" I grunted
"OH yes baby".
Jenny slept with me all night. It felt
wonderful to wake up with her
wrapped around me. Her soft warm
bare skin against mine. Her pointy
breasts mashed into my back. She
seemed so at peace as she slept with
her arm over the top of me. I gently
pulled away to go pee. She rolled over
and went back to sleep. I grabbed my
terry cloth robe and went down stairs.
Tara was already up. She was wearing
a very short red silk robe. As she
reached across the sink to fill the
coffee pot, I could see the bottom half
of her smooth round white ass.
"Wow, you still have the sexiest ass
I've ever seen" I murmured. "Did you
two enjoy yourselves last night" she
taunted. "I think we very
well" I chuckled.
"Did she tell you?" Tara asked. "TELL
ME WHAT?" I answered curiously. Tara
turned around to face me. "Jenny is
your daughter Jake" she whispered.
"WHAT?" I shouted. "You remember
when I got knocked up and ran away
with Bob" she paused. "He and every
one else thought it was his, but she is
your child...not his". "Oh my god," I
gasped. "Why didn't you tell me..?"
Tara crossed the kitchen and sat
down on my lap. There were tears in
her eyes. "I wanted to a thousand
times, but I did not want to fuck up
your military career. I know you would
have quit if I ever told you" she
explained. "I almost told you when
you got wounded in Iraq. That is
when I told Jenny." She was sobbing
now. "Jenny and I both decided to
wait til you were retired... we both
wanted you to finish what you
started" "We are both so proud of
you, we are proud of your purple
heart, you are our hero".
I held her tight and let her cry "I'm
sorry Jake" she whispered softly "I'm
sorry" I kissed her on the neck "It's
OK Tara, It's OK" I nibbled on her ear.
"I have always loved you sis and I am
thrilled she is our baby" I felt her
shudder and then she threw her arms
around me. "Oh Jake, I love you so
much.. I have always been so proud
that she is our child". She sobbed
again and then we locked in a very
long passionate french kiss.
"Get a ROOM" Jenny teased as she
walked into the kitchen. She was
completely nude. I could see fluid still
oozing down her legs from our
"bonding" last night. "I guess mommy
told you...Daddy" She kissed me on
the cheek. "Last night was really hot, I
can't wait to do it again now that you
know" she giggled. She kissed Tara. A
deep passionate french kiss. "You
were right mom, his cock is huge and
he fucks like a locomotive." She slid a
finger into her pussy and then fed it to
Tara. "Don't we taste good together
Tara felt my dick swelling between her
legs. "Want to watch mommy fuck
daddy" she said as she fondled
Jenny's tits. "Oh hell yes" Jenny
mumbled as she opened Tara's robe
and guided my cock into her snatch.
"OOH yes" Tara moaned. Her body
trembled with her lust and
excitement. "God I've missed you
Jake" As my dick shoved into her until
she was impaled, she groaned "GOD I
LOVE YOUR COCK" her voice deep
and throaty "OOH YES"
As Tara ground back and forth on my
throbbing boner, Jenny got on her
knees and was licking and sucking her
moms pussy. The feeling of her
tongue lapping at the base of my dick
as it slid in and out of Tara was
exhilarating. I reached around and
fondled Tara's tits as she fucked me in
front of our daughter. "Cum for me
mommy, cum for me" Jenny purred.
YESSSSSS" Tara gasped as her pussy
erupted into orgasm after orgasm.
Aided by Jenny's cunnilingus. "OOH
GOD YES" She moaned.
"My turn mommy" Jenny announced.
She helped Tara stand up and pulled
out another chair for her so she could
sit and watch us. Jenny straddled my
lap and sat straight down onto my
rigid pole until it was buried to the
hilt. "OOH yes daddy" she cooed "I
love your cock" She was facing me as
she bounced up and down on my
dick. She held my face with both
hands and kissed me passionately. "I
love you daddy. I love you" she
grunted as she fucked me harder and
"FUCK ME BABY, FUCK ME" I groaned.
I had never been so aroused and full
of passion as in this momen., Fucking
my daughter in front of her mother...
my sister. I cannot even put into
words how fucking thrilling that felt
for me. Even more thrilling was the
fact that they both were just as thrilled
as I was. It was so fucking magical.
pussy gushed as her body thrashed
and quivered. My cock exploded
inside of her. I spurted four blasts of
my hot creamy semen deep into her
YES,OH YES" I yelled as I creamed
inside my daughters willing gash. "Oh
my god yes".
Jenny and I french kissed for a long
time. Then Tara kissed me too, then
she kissed Jenny. "Welcome home
Jake, I missed you for so long" she
whispered. "We have both been
waiting for our hero to come home to
us". "I'm thinking home is where I
want to stay" I answered.
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